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Human or AI—which mastering engineer is better?

AI mastering is not evil; it can give volume to your mixes so they sound more professional, and most artists can afford it. However, AI does not offer any kind of fine tuning or nuance, which is why commercial releases are still done by a human engineer with great ears and years of experience. If you don't need to compete with commercial world-wide releases, click here for advice on proceeding with AI.

At Masquerade Mastering I LISTEN to your song to improve punch, clarity, volume, and cohesion. I want it it to be the very best version it can be—your songs will outlive you and I take your legacy seriously. I have done projects for Sony/BMG, Disney, MTV, and Miramax. My masters have appeared on Broadcast TV, Feature Films, Streaming, Cable, Physical media, Internet and Terrestrial Radio all over Planet Earth. I treat your music with the same care as if I wrote it.

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